Pasadena, CA
Director’s Lab West

May 24, 2016

(West Coast extension of Lincoln Center Director’s Lab)
–at the Pasadena Playhouse

Contact Improvisation:
Director’s Secret Blocking Weapon with Annie Loui and Beth Lopes (DLW ‘11)
Contact improvisation is a training of energy and weight exchange in which the ultimate goal is kinetic and intimate
responsiveness to a partner. Taken into scene work, the text informs the contact session, and an effortless
blocking appears—the director’s dream. This workshop will cover fundamentals of contact exercises in partnering
and spacial awareness. There will also be a demonstration of contact taken into text. No previous dance or
contact experience required

New York City, NY2015-04-28 20.22.43


New York Film Academy Hosts:
Loui Movement Technique Contact Jam
A place for the LMT community to connect and stay in shape.
Led by Anika Solveig
For more information or to reserve a spot e-mail: anika (dot) pensiero (at)

Chicago, IL


Creative Wellness Presents
Physical Theater Training
Instructors Erika Haaland and Shannon Farrante
For more information or to sign up got to:

San Francisco, CA

April 11 & 12 2015 | 1:00 – 5:30pm

foolsFURY Presents
Construction Tools:
Physical Theater with Annie Loui of Counter-Balance Theater
Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavilion
San Francisco, CA
For more information and registration go to: