The Dwarf

Los Angeles Arts Examiner
“Best Ensemble 2013”

a devised theater production based on the novel by Pars Lagerkvist

Poisonings, love affairs, and DaVinci’s Last Supper: the moral duality of the Italian Renaissance from the perspective of the court dwarf. Pars Lagerkvist’s Nobel Prize winning novel is a provoking examination of human nature and evil.

“I have noticed that sometimes I frighten people; what they really fear is themselves…the dwarf within”

“What I absolutely love about this work is the movement, what the human body can make, what Loui can make human bodies dramatize, because this is also what the The Dwarf is about in so many ways. There’s a meshing here of medium and message that I find absolutely riveting.”​
-Michelle Latiolais, NY Times editor’s choice

OC Weekly
“Best Theater We Never Write About 2013”

OC Register
“The Horrible Sin of Love”