The Physical Actor


Watch for the 2nd Edition!

CounterBalance training cornerstone The Physical Actor, will be coming out in a 2nd edition with Routledge Press. Look for an extended application of practice and tools for contact improvisation practice and direct application to scenes, monologues, blocking, and devising.

The Physical Actor (Routledge 2009) is an introduction to the Loui Movement Technique detailing preparatory exercises for the practice of contact improvisation for the actor.

The Physical Actor is a comprehensive book of actor’s exercises, designed for the development of a strong and flexible physical body able to move with ease through space and interact instinctively on-stage.

Annie Loui draws on her training with Etienne Decroux, Carolyn Carlson and Jerzy Grotowski to bring Contact Improvization into the theatrical sphere and explain how it can be used to work with texts and applied directly to the theatrical stage.

This book will guide the reader through a full course of movement skills:

  1. daily warm-up
  2. partnering skills
  3. spatial awar-eness for groups and individuals
  4. fine motor control through mime
  5. heightened co-ordination and sustained motion


‘The Physical Actor might well be titled “Actor as Dancer”, so choroegraphically honed are its descriptions and analyses. At once manual and survey, the book is an engaging and inclusive overview of body techniques and their emotional connotations. In its specificity and precision, The Physical Actor is an essential resource for anyone who aspires to act or move.’

– Yvonne Rainer

‘This gem of a book is a must-have for actors who are searching for the right tools to unlock their body’s full potential.’

– Jen Colella, actress

‘Annie Loui is the real deal. I love her insights into the craft and her reminders of why we do this and why the physical work is important to the actor.’

– Elliot Fox, Managing Director, Primary Stages

‘Loui shows actors something new: how to listen with their bodies. An indispensable book.’

– Richard Brestoff, actor and author
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